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This is the video i filmed myself of me answering question number one written above, i have tried to cover lots of points and have spoken about the the strangers and the nightmare on elm street that helped inspire me at the start these are two websites where you can find out more information about them.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1179056/ and http://www.thestrangers.net/


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Question one

This is the script i wrote answering question number one. “what ways does your media product use,develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media products” ? i have also added too links which i feel helped me answer this question and that i have used in the past too help me.  I am answering this question on video to add another media to my evaluation, so this script just gives me a brief outline of the things im wanting to explain.

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ancillary text and main product question

This is the script i have written for question 2 on the evaluation questions, this is really just to read from when doing my audio file. I am trying to use a range of mixed media and at the moment i have answered one question written one on a powerpoint and this one will be spoken on a audio file and the last one will be a video of me speaking the answer to my question.

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I am trying to use a range of mixed media for all of my evaluation questions and writing has been established as one of my weaknesses and so this question is the only one that i will answer totally written i know the post is quite a long one so here is the link to the word document as well could be slightly easier to read. Digital Technology Question

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Use of- In year 12

Starting of my portfolio in year 12 we had to use the VLE where we created a blog for media this meant that we did all our research on here for the project and would put links to our magazine front covers and all our experiments for the examiner and teachers to see, compared to the varied things we can achieve with the functions on wordpress.com the VLE blog had its weaknesses and there was only a limited space of which we could use. However I still made the best use of it as I could to achieve the marks and objectives, this could be done by making use of the different fonts and colours provided for the writing and then making sure that I was adding links and pictures with this writing to bring in other sets of research. I never occurred any problems with the software itself I just felt that there wasn’t the ability for us to write as much as we wanted due to the limitation of space and wordpress.com is much more free with this and we can change the categories and organize our work a little better rather than having to look through it all. Starting the course of with producing a practice school magazine front cover and then continuing onto a final product of a music magazine front cover, contents page and interview page meant that I needed to take some photographs for the images across the pages and this meant using equipment like a Nikon D60 SLR camera and my Sanyo digital camera. The new sixth form building leant well to me at the start of the term because I was able to produce the image for my school magazine on the spiral staircase in the new block this was perfect for the composition of this photograph as it worked well with the angles of the stairs and how I could work where my models stood around this, I kept the camera on an auto mode because I was surrounded by a window anyway so I wasn’t short on lighting and therefore didn’t need to have the camera on flash mode. The photographs I took for the music magazine were taking inside and so the lighting on these were not as strong as they could have been using staged lights or having the photo shoot outside and so the photographs were a little dull in places but the I choose the mise en scene of my model to be specifically bright and very 50’s rock chick look this worked successfully and I matched this mise en scene through to small details of lipstick guitar etc.

I used photo shop and learnt how to use the software when constructing this project photo shop is a graphic design editing program. When editing my photographs I had the fiddle with the levels and the colours of the photographs using the adjustment tool so that the colour of the photographs were strong enough and worked well with the colours going to be used in the magazine this is simply to use on photo shop and you are displayed with a box that helps you vary the colours anyway. To cut out a figure is a bit more technical and I had to cut out a figure for my school magazine front cover plus for the contents page of the music magazine to do this I used the magnetic tool from the side bar and carefully cut out the outline of the figure and then delete the inverse so that you are just left with the figure and a white background then this allows you to move this figure with arrow tool or place a different background in the space behind it. I developed several techniques using photo shop because you are able to fiddle and make mistakes to learn about all the different tools and once you get the hang of it and work out what everything means it starts to become natural to you, doing photography at AS and A level helped me to develop these skills because I was able to take my knowledge of photographs and editing on photo shop into producing photographs for media and then editing these on the adobe software. Also once you have worked on things and you need to make corrections photo shop is perfect for this and you can bring different images up at the same time and look at them on the zoom to see what needs to be changed having this ability made things a lot easier for me to achieve.

Publisher is another software program that was used in the production of my portfolio in lower sixth, the examiners were expecting one or more of the publications of the magazine to be done on Microsoft publisher so that there was a varied use of technology and everything hadn’t just be done on photo shop. I found that publisher was very easy to use as it is basically layed out and simply to use it has less tools and applications than photo shop and is something most people are already familiar with and have used before. I constructed my contact page on publisher and it worked really well as this software allowed me to do a double page spread really successfully and then I just printed 2 A4 pieces of paper to make the double page spread when joint together, the only weakness with publisher is that you cant do as many things with publisher and there isn’t as many options to change the texts etc but for a contact page it meant we could try and make the most of the software and our knowledge for it and then the front page and contents could be more fancy due to being able to achieve more with the tools that photo shop is beneficial for.

Use of in year 13

In year 13 we changed where we did our blogs to wordpress.com I think this program is so good and is really easy to use and allows you to be really organized with your work by using categories and organizing the links you make into different sections so for example if you wanted to find a link on my blog that was about horror music there would be a section in the links box at the side of my page that would say horror music links and you’d find a couple you could choose from. I have organize and developed all of my research on the blog because every time I post something on to it I know that my teachers will look at it at some point and that the classmates can develop their ideas using the ideas I have perhaps discussed in mine and how I have moved on and have gathered ideas about things. It’s a really good network internally for everyone to benefit on others experiences the more you comment on others blogs and watch their videos and answer the polls the more your going to benefit yourself and learn new things about the blogs I think its really successful for us developing our own knowledge that we can access everyone’s blog and have the ability to voice and share opinions. I couldn’t of produced so much audience feedback without the use of other peoples blogs and them being able to access mine, the first post that I put that was really touching upon getting audience feedback was when I needed to found out which of the two posters was better and would get me more marks for it being conventional and working as a professional movie poster everyone came back really well to this and I had lots of helpful feedback comments from the teachers and students so I was able to act well on the decision made after.

For my audience feedback I used many different technologies to conduct it, the main bulk of the feedback is on a video file this was produced with a digital handheld film camera. I have tried to get both genders for the videos because then I could get different views or could compare how they changed or had different views. I then used the youtube account that I set up just so that I could use for this project and then you have to press export and make sure it’s a mpeg and on pal dvd for the video to be the right format for the youtube software then I usually found naming at is as something else helped me to know the difference between the premiere videos and the ones for the youtube account and for my blog Then once you get on youtube you can just upload and embed the url onto a post on your blog.

When actually filming my trailer I took with me two digital video cameras and one tripod, I decided that if I took two cameras I was more likely to get shots from more obscure angles and I could play with using one camera on a tripod on say one side of the room and then I could handheld another camera on the other. When the trailer footage needed to be transferred onto the computer it was essential for me to start using one of the premiere elements (a video editing software for non linear editing) at first I did all my editing on the premiere elements too but as I had started putting all my clips on one video line this made things difficult for me to move around and I began to have problems in opening my trailer due to school problems not my own so I moved the whole of my trailer onto premiere elements 4 so I was working on a new version this took some initial getting used to because the layout etc is a bit different. However when I started to use this program everything was much easier to manage and due to the amount of audio my video had with it I could see all the different lines a lot clearer on this software rather than the older one. Editing the trailer took a lot of self-taught construction especially in learning to fade videos in and out which is something I felt that I struggled with a bit and that my trailer perhaps lacked in a smooth flow between each clip like some of the other peoples products made use of a lot more. I found that the lines on the video were helpful in allowing me to increase and decrease the volume of the audio and so when my feedback came back from the teachers that in some places non diegetic and diegetic sound got a little mixed up I could use these buttons to work on this and change the main clips so that the audio was clearer. The split clip was one I made the most use of I feel as I really got to grips with this and felt that in some places I was literally just taking seconds off my individual clips because there was too much of it or my characters were stood still and then started to run and before  I began my final edits these little tweeks were showing on my trailer and so it was good to feel comfortable using the split clip tool so I could just cut off these bits and having it run smoother. I perhaps didn’t explore my choice of fonts on the software that well because I only looked at the list that I had plus the effects of the glowing behind the text it may have been an idea for me to research into transferring more extravagant text from another software and bringing them into my trailer but I felt that the font worked well with genre and was slightly old fashioned.

Photo shop was again another big part of this portfolio and the software worked well with the pieces I was using. Again I had to produce photographs for the magazine front cover and the movie poster these were both taking on a varied of the sanyo digitial camera and the Nikon D60 slr camera, the slr however brought out a better quality in my photographs as I was able to focus better with the different lens and scenes. I feel that I have progressed onto a much higher level of knowledge of photo shop this year and can do a lot more with knowing what all the tools are and using them confidently to my advantage.

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Directors Commentary

This is my directors commentary. I have recorded on the a video camera a black screen with me talking about each clip but only really the main clips or the clips that didn’t work as well as i planned, the video goes on for about 4 minutes and contains clips from the video along side the audio.

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