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I have only looked at other film posters not a post on anaylising them so here is a post on the conventions of a film poster

Film posters

The conventions of a film poster are:

* A eye catching title that can attract audiences attention, the choice of colours usually means it stands out from the background

* An intriguing photograph/picture well constructed into the composition of the poster that will attract audiences to the film

* Using the main charecters (especially if they are well known)  to attract the audiences attention and then can relate to other films they may have liked the actor in

I got this information from this website plus my knowledge of film posters anyway: http://www.coursework.info/AS_and_A_Level/Drama/Plays/Analysis_of_film_posters_L126128.html


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This is my post on the conventions of a film magazine cover, the same applies with this blog is that i have already got information on this in the category all research and so if you search then you will find other blogs on this on here im just going to summarise it again.

Film magazine cover

The conventions of a film poster are:

* An eye catching title which usually makes use of a bright colour and a large size,font

* Persuasuve language and tags such as freebies and read on factors

* use of a good photograph and the composition and structure usually follows around this constructively

* And represents a specific genre to attract a target audience

This information was found from this website plus what i already knew: http://www.mediaknowall.com/gcse/Blockbuster/posteranalysis.html

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This is my post on the conventions of a teaser trailer, i have researched already lots of conventions of trailers posters etc and the different type of posters and trailers and so if you search through the category you will find information on all of the next three posts.

Teaser trailers

A teaser trailer is a short series of film clips used to advertise an upcoming movie, game or television series. The typical conventions of a teaser trailer usually are:

* That they are usually between 30-60 seconds long

* Contain the minimum amount of footage from the film, so it just teases audiences

* Released long before the film is released

* and the pace usually is fast or starts slow and picks up

This information was found on these two websites plus what i already knew, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaser_trailer and http://mikemccalluma2.blogspot.com/2009/09/teaser-trailer-codes-and-conventions.html

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Poster research

“A film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. There may be several versions for one film, with variations in regards to size, content and country of production of the poster. It usually contains an image with text, though this has evolved over time from image-free bill posters through to the highly visual digital productions of today. The text usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tag line the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.

Film posters are displayed inside and on the outside of movie theatres and elsewhere on the street or in shops. The same images would appear in a film exhibitor’s press book and may also be used on websites, DVD-packaging, flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc.

Use of such posters goes back to the earliest public exhibitions of film, where they began as outside placards listing the programme of (short) films to be shown inside the hall or movie theater. By the early 1900s, they began to feature illustrations of a scene from each individual film or an array of overlaid images from several scenes. Other movie posters have used artistic interpretations of a scene or even the theme of the film, represented in a wide variety of artistic styles. Movie posters are produced in a large number of sizes to meet various advertising needs”

The film poster for the An Education is a very structured poster and the photograph takes up about 3/4 of the page. The photograph is a interlocking portrait of the couple in the story, Carey Mulligan appears to be displaying more bright colours and has more of her skin showing whereas co star is wearing a suit with black and white colours with no skin showing (this suggests to me personally that perhaps he appears quite black and white in his personality where as she has more to offer). The films title is very bold and takes up the whole width of the bottom of the poster so it cant be easily missed it just stands out over the white background. There are no slogans on this poster (although the other poster that was produced says the slogan “an education isnt always by the book” ) however they have made obvious of the director and that he directed about a boy as well, hoping to address their specific targeted audience, the same target audience perhaps that watched about a boy and high fidelity.

It has come to my attention when researching horror movie film posters. They all seem to contain the less film poster conventions as they can like this one has it all packed into one corner of the poster letting the title and the photograph do the talking, and the other two poster for the film “The crazies”  have no writing about the films producers,dates etc all it has is the title and a picture. I would really like to stick with these conventions of horror posters but feel that i would not get the highest grade because wouldnt follow normal poster conventions with slogans,dates and information at the bottom but hopefully i can put my own on twist on the things i do put on the poster.

Again with the idea of not having much on the poster the film “one missed call” the poster is kept very simply so that the photograph which is mirroring what happens in the film portrays everything audiences need to know about whether the films going to be something they’d want to see. This one does have a slogan on which i think is quite typical from a horror movie although this one seems a little lame and that not much thought had gone into it, there is alot of the information at the bottom of the trailer but the space at the top is left quite open and black.

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After my first post on Magazine front covers and discussing what i had thought about with my subject teachers, i realised it wasn’t essential for me to do a magazine based specifically on horror films and in fact this would actually be harder for me to produce. So now im going to start research on normal film magazines such as total film and empire and find as much research/information on these to help me with creating my own magazine front cover and having a better understanding of all the conventions

Here is a image of one of the monthly issues of Total Film. Total film is published by Future Publishing and is the British second best selling Film magazine. It offers film and DVD news, reviews, and features. The magazine was launched in 1997 and is published every four weeks (13 times a year).Each month, TF provides a range of features, from full-length interviews, with established and up-and-coming actors and directors, to major film previews, from Top 100 lists to retrospective pieces — all illustrated with film stills and profile shots. All issues contain The Total Film Interview — an in-depth chat with a celebrated actor or director, along with a critique of their body of work and a rating of each major film to date.

Total film magazines have a very distinctive cover title because it is has been a signature thing to the magazine for so long and the colour is just white with it been large and bold, there is less reference to “total” as this is always inside the film and acts as if less important which suggests that the magazine may will only ever focus on films and audiences can apply this knowledge from the title. The photographs and images on the front page of total film are always very airbrushed and sharp always clearly focused, the composition is very effective and the photos always merge around the writing and structure of the original page, with the text about the film over the top of it. This gives audiences the ability to easily link the photograph with the film, this an easy advertisement buy the magazine watch the film. They cleverly find small spaces for things like the price/date and website in the top corner where the  m in film dips down, this suggests that it isnt as important as the rest of the writing because they haven’t bothered with fancy font or for it to be bold. It seems like all the advertisements of the magazine and anything that may say subscribe or read on more etc. is always in a red separate box. The bar code structure on this magazine isnt conventional and varys from just a normal one in the right corner of the cover and is actually in the centre on its side, on the side of the magazine cover i think this is something id like to follow through on mine.

Here is a image of an old Empire magazine front cover. Empire is a British Film magazine that’s published monthly by Bauer Consumer Media. From the first issue in July 1989, the magazine was edited by Barry McIlheney and published by EmapBauer purchased Emap Consumer Media in early 2008. It is the biggest selling film magazine in Britain, consistently outselling its nearest market rival Total Film and is also published. Closely following their rivals total film, Empire magazine also have a very distinctive title with the big bold words in red EMPIRE and have copied total film with the way they have placed the price,date and website in the sunken dip in the M funny enough its still exactly the same letter. Whats different about Empire magazine and what personally i like more is that they always use the colours from the set up in the photograph for example: the joker issue uses the purples and the pinks and greens because those are the colours used in the photograph and that represent that charecter the issues cover does look quite jokey and so echos this!

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I have been using my time recently to do more research on the film magazine front cover and poster.  I have found this website http://www.horrorfilmmag.com/ which feeds its articles and news off the online site, i found this by researching on google horror film magazines as i wanted a specific film magazine genre rather than using empire etc. Then this magazine is suited to my genre and the titles and structures can be linked with the ideas i have for my ancilliary texts.  I have also done some more research into the old film magazine scarlet which was also quite specific on horror genre here are a couple of images of the magazines front covers:

Both of these look old fashioned with the colours not really very bright or modern and look slightly like a book cover (first one like a fairytale cover). It still consists of normal conventions such as the slogan at the top of the page a bold title thats a different colour from everything else, pictures and barcodes, i think these magazine covers link with my trailer alot and have this sort of not cheesy but old fashion classic look to them which is the sort of feel you get when watching my trailer and so i could learn alot from anaylising these front covers. I have also researched this magazine called The monsters but i cant find that much information about the magazine and so i can only work on the film magazine cover here is a picture of the cover:

This one is also quite old fashioned and the colour seems a little faded and again the colours used arent very modern and arent bright. I think this magazine front cover doesnt include as many conventions than the scarlet magazine because there isnt a barcode or date etc, there isnt any slogans but instead they have been replaced with quotes. The left side of the page has the contents of the magazine which contrasts with the picture colour and space on the right side of the page. Underneath i have posted a picture of a more modern day magazine called empire and although this doesnt specialise in horror films and nothing else it is still useful for me to research.

Empire magazine is a british film magazine published monthly by Bauer consumer media it is a modern and up to date magazine compared to the two above. It doesn’t specify in certain genres of film but mainly the blockbuster ones, so it wouldn’t be just on horror films, therefore i couldnt totally relate to it like the other ones, but it uses a range of magazine conventions and also subverts some. This is one of my favourite issues because the cover is on the dark knight film with a charecter poster (which i have researched before) the font colours and changing in fonts throughout the poster plays with this joke/comical attitude which is created by the charecter himself. I defintly think that i could use this poster to arrange my structure, and take the ideas of using the normal conventions and subverting them for a more  independent look.

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Opening of trailers

Research into the opening and endings to trailer

This post is about looking into the opening and endings of trailers e.g when it says rogue pictures presents etc. Im doing this so that either i can use one of these pictures in the opening of my trailer to make it more professional or i will create my own either way i need to research to understand these openings. The first one that i looked into was universal horror i couldnt actually find that much information on this but i know that it isnt a recent development and i believe it is owned byt universal pictures which is the secong longest living studio. I also looked into rogue pictures which is known as a devision of relatively media and was originally launced by Focus features under universal pictures and the division has over 25 films in its libary. However universal will continue to launch rogues 30 up and coming developments, im using the research on rogue pictures because they are featured in the opening of the strangers and this was the film i used as one of my original to help with my understanding of trailers. I have also looked at intrepid pictures they are much more successfulThen rogue pictures and have their own website http://www.intrepidpictures.com/home.asp They were founded in 2004 by Trevor Marcy and Marc D evans Intrepid pictures is a feature film production and co financing company. Intrepid has produced and co financed six pictures to this current date and is distributed by rogue pictures, universal and other international distributors. Inteprids targets the action,horror,thriller and comedy genres targetting the 12 – 29 year old. Their most recent recognized film is the strangers and other films they have produced are doomsday,balls of fury,The hitcher,The return,Waist deep.

I have also looked into Walt disney pictures which i know doesnt have much relevance to my trailer but i thinka all round understanding of pictures would help alot in creating my own. So walt disney pictures is associated with several other partners involved in the Walt disney company, walt disney pictures was established as a desgination in 1983 prior to walt disney films since 1954 were released under the name of walt disney production another comapny. Walt disney pictures distributes most of their films internationally via Walt disney studios motion pictures with few expected movies to canada.

I have also looked at RKO pictures which is a intellectual property assests to develop entertainment properties for production and distribution purposes Their stratergy includes devoting resources to the famous classic libary for more current audiences as it develops other businesses and entertainment properties, the companys will will seek out extra distributors and co financing ventures for their new productions aswell as for their old sequels and remakes. RKO actually stands for radio keith Orpheum but could also be known as the RKO coporation, some of the films they have distributed are King Kong, its a wonderful life, mighty joe young and hamburger hill.

I really enjoyed doing this research for my trailer and definetly feel that i should produce my own ‘something’ pictures for the opening of my trailer. I just think it makes the trailer look much more professional and it will help alot in improving my end result of A2 because i have added this in on my own and would have to create the text and titles from scratch on another software and then copy that into premiere out of the ones i have researched on this page i will probably focus most of my ideas on the universal horror pictures because i think the grey/spooky atmosphere it gives off from the imagery and colours used is very effective and this one certianly fits with the genre of my trailer.

Columbia Pictures is another company which after doing the other ones above i came across when watching “Bridget Jones” . Columbia Pictures is an american film production and distribution company and forms part of the group which is owned by sony pictures entertainment,It is one of the leading film companies in the world and probably out of these pictures the one that people will recognize most. This opening links closely with that of big blockbuster movies and action films and when seeing this opening i think of film genre like action,comedy,romance and never really horror. I think that when horror movies have picture companies you dont really know of it adds to the atmosphere of the movie.

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