This s the director’s commentary script, i will read from this and probably adapt from it when im recording me talking about the individual clips in my trailer. You can have a read and see what i wrote about each of my clips because i may not talk about every single one otherwise the video will be atleast half an hour long.

Directors Commentary


Poster questions

These are the list of questions i used on the audience feedback video for my magazine front cover, I feel that the questions give me the feeback that i need to work from what was said and that are relevant to my front cover and what i have tried to achieve.

* What is the target audience of my magazine?

* What attracts you straight away to my magazine front cover?

* Do like the colours i have used and the font, and general composition of the front cover?

* Does the magazine fulfill expectations of magazine front cover?

I have only looked at other film posters not a post on anaylising them so here is a post on the conventions of a film poster

Film posters

The conventions of a film poster are:

* A eye catching title that can attract audiences attention, the choice of colours usually means it stands out from the background

* An intriguing photograph/picture well constructed into the composition of the poster that will attract audiences to the film

* Using the main charecters (especially if they are well known)  to attract the audiences attention and then can relate to other films they may have liked the actor in

I got this information from this website plus my knowledge of film posters anyway: http://www.coursework.info/AS_and_A_Level/Drama/Plays/Analysis_of_film_posters_L126128.html

This is my post on the conventions of a film magazine cover, the same applies with this blog is that i have already got information on this in the category all research and so if you search then you will find other blogs on this on here im just going to summarise it again.

Film magazine cover

The conventions of a film poster are:

* An eye catching title which usually makes use of a bright colour and a large size,font

* Persuasuve language and tags such as freebies and read on factors

* use of a good photograph and the composition and structure usually follows around this constructively

* And represents a specific genre to attract a target audience

This information was found from this website plus what i already knew: http://www.mediaknowall.com/gcse/Blockbuster/posteranalysis.html

This is my post on the conventions of a teaser trailer, i have researched already lots of conventions of trailers posters etc and the different type of posters and trailers and so if you search through the category you will find information on all of the next three posts.

Teaser trailers

A teaser trailer is a short series of film clips used to advertise an upcoming movie, game or television series. The typical conventions of a teaser trailer usually are:

* That they are usually between 30-60 seconds long

* Contain the minimum amount of footage from the film, so it just teases audiences

* Released long before the film is released

* and the pace usually is fast or starts slow and picks up

This information was found on these two websites plus what i already knew, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaser_trailer and http://mikemccalluma2.blogspot.com/2009/09/teaser-trailer-codes-and-conventions.html

This is an audience feedback i did with sam today and i asked questions only on my magazine because i wanted to get the most feedback on this on its own so perhaps i could evaluate easier what i had done wrong and what could have been improved on this. I felt that my questions were varied and i got good thorough answers back that will help me in the answering of evaluation questions.

Evaluation Powerpoint

Presentation on Discussion of My Work

This is a link to the presentation i have produced on the evaluation questions. I have focused on two questions “what have you learnt from audience feedback?” and “In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products”. I picked these two questions because i felt that the answers to them would be best suited with the work that i had done and i could perhaps right a little more in depth  because my products gave me more things to say about the questions.